Mark 10:16

Hard Days and Nights



“He . . . began blessing them, . . .” Mark 10:16



It is as daring and fresh as it is beautiful, that the one attribute of all the disciples is a childlike heart. Being educated is good; being gifted is good; and we should be thankful for the advantages we’ve been given to live life. But, the one necessity is a childlike heart. Jesus takes an uncompromising stand on that.

There is a difference between being childlike and being childish. To be childlike is to have the touch of the Divine. It’s to live with gladness and freshness, not hindered by the dullness of the world. To be childish is to be immature, to have no grip on reality, and never to face life as it is. A spirit of childishness is a poor example of a Christian.

A child knows its home is in the heart of the Father. A childlike spirit calls out the very best in us and draws Jesus to us. The one who keeps their heart soft through all the hard days and nights, inherits the Kingdom.

A child lives eager, curious to know, turning from one experience to the next – interested in whatever is found, enjoying the moment with an acute awareness that is often lost later in life. A childlike heart is filled with intense curiosity of the pure love of new knowledge. 

As we get older, we lose interest for something more, something new. In the days of His ministry, Christ encountered the same loss of childlike spirit in many people He taught. Their eyes were closed, their ears were stopped. He could not penetrate the hardened heart of the Pharisees with one beam of light of His revelation. How much joy and freedom educated men of the law missed out on because they would not sit around Jesus like little children, hearing and asking questions. 

Has your openness to Jesus been lost? It’s dangerous and disastrous that the spirit of a child dies out in us. The wonder of His grace passes away. Jesus says it can come back, it’s the power of the Spirit to renew and restore and give us back what we lost.



Dear Jesus, make the world of my heart young again; unleash the joy and wonder of Your presence that has been buried by my hard days.