Mark 10:13

The Sophisticated Soul



“And they began bringing the children to Him . . .”  Mark 10:13 



Children aren’t cute. At least not always, sometimes they can be demanding, short-tempered, sulky, squabbling, stubborn, thankless and selfish. They can be pushed aside because they are weak. 

But God works most powerfully in weakness, that’s the point of these verses. When one is little like a child, or poor in spirit, one is more open to receiving the reign of God. Children are more open to receiving gifts.  

Judea was a half foreign place in a jungle region of the Holy Land. It was Jewish country between two alien Gentile provinces. As Jesus had done before, He drew people to Himself. For the people of Judea, especially the women, there was a hopelessness. Their lives were faded, there was little to which to look forward. 

And here was Jesus, a stranger reputed to have mysterious powers. They should’ve been suspicious of Him, but they weren’t. They should’ve covered their children with their garments to protect them from this unknown man, but they didn’t. 

There was something about Jesus that had never been in anybody. The mothers came to Him, they stood in line holding their babies in arms, other children scurrying around, eagerly waiting for Jesus to bless their children. They trusted Him entirely with their little ones. Jesus knew their desire and met it.

How old are you? No matter, a true disciple must become young again to enter His kingdom. It always comes to that. We grope through the mists of adult life feeling the chill of emptiness of our sophisticated soul. But He makes us feel at home in His arms. Salvation lies not in our grasp of Him, but His grasp of us.

There will always be those who look down on our simplicity, the company, the intellectuals, the cynical smiling a bitter smile, and calling our simplicity nonsense. But, Christ rebukes the cynical spirit, and summons us to keep the heart of a child.



“Jesus I come to You in simple trust. Show me how loved I am by You. Help me to see everything in my life as Your child, loved by You.”