Mark 10:14

Soft Trust



“. . . for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14



We all face it, the fear of being stretched, the fear of losing control. We are too educated in the ways of resistance to withstand the tender dealings of God, who has clearly said He seeks for childlike hearts and responsive souls. 

Our obsession with control and guarded emotions leads to limiting God working in our whole being, life, service and witness. We are called to let go of rigidity and take hold of soft trust in the heart of Jesus.

Living in the life of Jesus is not as hard as we make it. Living the in the life of Jesus isn’t something we reserve for the death bed where we relinquish our spirit to God. Rather, we live in the life of Jesus each morning when we get out of bed, ready to work, teaching school, going to the doctor, paying bills, and all life asks of us, daily trusting Him as He is.

Day-to-day living in this world where God is present and active for us and for our salvation involves cultivating a childlike spirit. A childlike relaxation into the arms of Jesus. We are to nurture a childlike simplicity that trusts in God’s care and grace in what is actually present to us. Jesus said, unless you change and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of God. 

Each day the beauty of God’s kingdom is all around us, but amidst all the chaos, we’ve forgotten how to see His rule in our life. We need a fresh encounter of the stark, stirring, staggering simplicity of childlike faith. 

If we could cease being so important, so busy, so bloated with success, break up the crust of cynicism that overlays real tenderness, and return to the soft trust of a child, we would be so much nearer to Christ’s heart.



Before we proceed, it’s best to see the questions: How passionate are you willing to become? How vulnerable will you allow yourself to be?