Proverbs 16:7

Our Way vs. The Right Way



“When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Proverbs 16:7



We live in a generation when everything around us encourages us to “do it your way.” Even restaurants are all geared to give us more and more choices. Instead of fries and a Coke with your meal, in fast food restaurants you can choose milk and fruit, or onion rings and juice. Not to say that having so many choices in life is evil or bad, but we have become so accustomed to having things “our way” that we think that is the “right way.”

God has given us the ability to decide if we want “our way” or His plan for our lives. God’s way is where there is happiness and fulfillment. If you believe that God is not really all that He said He is, then you will choose your own way. But, if you really begin to understand and accept the unconditional and unfailing love of God, you must yield to a new way of thinking. It’s call faith. 

If you choose this new way of thinking, it will show in your actions and in the very essence of who you are. The choice to follow Christ will not be a bed of roses, without opposition or criticism. Many have made the choice to follow Him and have been ridiculed by friends, even family. But for those who stay strong and continue to follow, God’s love will show through too!

Ask yourself these things: Has there been a time when you felt your choice made more sense than the path God had chosen for you? When you evaluate your Christian walk, is it active or passive? Do you blend in easily?



God, help me depend on You more each day. I want to walk in Your ways and not my own. Help me live in such a way that Your love shows through my life. Amen