Mark 10:7

For this Reason



"For this reason…" Mark 10:7



Getting married is easy--staying married is hard. The difficulty comes from unexpressed desires and uncommunicated expectations. Frustration with unmet expectations festers beneath the surface slowly contaminating the union of two lives. 


The sickness in so many marriages is exposed exactly at this point. When selfishness takes the place of the Savior, the struggles pull at the marital seams. Selfishness barricades us from realizing that if we don't know Jesus, we will never know what marriage was intended to be. 


The backdrop of Jesus’ exchange with the religious leaders is the value of human beings. His counter-cultural style overturns social hierarchy which views men as the most important. His message is that God, not a system of cultural ordering, establishes value.  Jesus’ response does something conventional wisdom about marriage cannot do; it treats men and women equally. He applies the same standard to men and women. 


So how do a bridegroom and bride receive each other?  Do they come together to have their own expectations and dreams met or to serve each other? Jesus’ words help us to regain sight for the reason of marriage. In marriage, two become one and something totally new is created--the unrestricted giving of mind, will, emotion and soul to another as if given to Christ. Two minds now yield to the guidance of Christ.  Two emotional natures are surrendered to express the love of Christ.  Two wills now commit to know and do the will of Christ.  Two souls are galvanized to seek God’s kingdom together and two bodies become one as in Christ. 


We see "for this reason" Jesus is summarizing the Divine Design concerning marriage. It's God who makes the union possible. It was God who said, "be fruitful" and also "it's not good that man should be alone."  It was God who brought Eve to Adam. From every angle it was God who established marriage as divine. For this reason, let no one separate what God has joined together. For this reason, the husband and wife form a team. They work, plan, pray, play and pull in a Godward direction.



Have you lost track of the reason you are married?