Psalms 63:1

Develop A Holy Hunger



“Oh God, You are my God; Early will I seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You; In a dry and thirsty land where there is no water.” Psalms 63:1



Developing a hungry heart after God is an intentional pursuit. The journey is tough. The competition for our heart is fierce: phone, internet, television, class, projects, friends, money, things, work and fun. When we crave everything, we end up with nothing. The noise and confusion of a crowded heart can block our access to Him.

Hungering for the presence of God begins by realizing that our whole destiny depends on our friendship with Jesus. What will we do to maintain contact? To what extent will we go to nurture this relationship? Will we overcome personal habits that threaten our connection with Jesus? Will we deal with that which might displease Him?

We must come to Him in total honesty. Hungering speaks of longing, yearning, waiting for His presence to fill our souls, turning to His Word and hearing Him speak life into our dry and weary places.

The quality test of our hunger is: does it impact our choices, beliefs, perspective of our culture and our response to adversity? Do we crave what God craves? Has a Holy hunger profoundly shaped us? As each day passes, do we find ourselves less distracted by the competition of our lives?  This Holy hunger forces us to see that it is God alone who must occupy our hearts. Whatever we hunger for, are in a romance with—the false hungers and shallow cravings do not feed our soul. On the contrary, they starve it. 

Do we know the passionate thrill of loving the crucified Christ? 

Today, isolate a competing hunger. Give it up for a week. See if a Holy hunger for His presence in your soul begins to increase.



Lord, I have wanted so many things. My appetite for the things of this world has taken me to a place where I have reached for things that were not that important, while disregarding the things that matter to You. Create in me a thirst to seek You like a desperate person looking for water in the desert.