Exodus 34:13

We are continuing a break from our study of the book of Mark, however, devotionals will continue each day until we resume our study of Mark in August.


Give It A Break



“But you shall destroy their altars, break their sacred pillars . . .” Exodus 34:13



We are in God’s heart. Truthfully, we’ve always been there. Sadly, we don’t experience this soul stirring truth as real, because we have a distorted image of God, which needs to be smashed.  

Christianity is a steady process of growing beyond seeing God as an uncaring, indifferent, overly judgmental, score-keeping, constantly angry God, who makes up rules that we can’t possibly keep. It’s a journey of tearing down an image of God that is ticked off at a certain sin—a God who is always looking to cut us off from Him, at even the slightest presence of a mistake.  

A false image of God was the struggle of many people of the Old Testament. They were constantly trying to reduce God to their own image and attempt to control Him, while resisting the real image of God. Even when God revealed Himself, they did not recognize or hear Him. 

This is precisely why Jesus steps into human history, to show us the true image of God. Through His miracles, message and ministry, Jesus reveals God to be extravagantly generous, excessively loving, a canceller of debt, a seeker of stray hearts and a listener of prayers. Jesus gives us the true image of God, who forgives rather than condemns, fulfills rather than coerces, and frees rather than constrains. 

Breaking up with our false images of God is painful, but it has to be done.

We must smash our illusions of God. Slam them to the ground. Shatter them to pieces. When our untrue image of God dies, our untrue images of ourselves die with it.



I admit I want to make my own decisions and run my own life. I have had a tendency to reinvent God into someone I can live with, to create an image of God who can co-exist with my pride and my preferences. In this quiet moment, show me who You really are.  I need the help of the Holy Spirit to confront and destroy every false image I’ve held of God. Give me courage. Lead me into experiencing the truth of who You really are.