Mark 10:2

Don't Trivialize the Truth



“the Pharisees came to Jesus testing Him" Mark 10:2



While teaching a large crowd in Judea, Jesus was interrupted by a group of Pharisees who were there to challenge Him. Their ultimate goal was to bring Jesus up on charges. They thought if they could trap Him into saying something contrary to Moses and the Jewish law, then charges would be filed.


The subject they chose as the bait for the trap was the very painful and difficult topic of divorce. It's too bad the religious thugs trivialized the tragedy of divorce by making it bait for their trap. It's in the midst of seeing religious ruffians trying to trap Jesus that we see the heart of God for the hurting. 


Jesus responds to the Pharisees’ question by quoting a Mosaic regulation in Deuteronomy 24:1.  Jesus reaffirms God’s plan and purpose for marriage by drawing on the creation story found in Genesis 1:27 and 2:24. One might wonder why this is important. To the contemporary reader the finer points of Old Testament law may seem unfamiliar, obscure and disconnected from our current situations, with little relevance today for our broken homes and broken hearts. 


The Father cares for those who know what it's like to realize that divorce for them is inevitable, and for those who know what it is like to cry until the eyes go dry, who've felt like a failure and everything inside hurts. He aches for those who've been overcome with sadness and fear and who are feeling they have lost every iota of faith and have no idea what to do.


Just as important as what Jesus is saying in these verses is what He's doing. In siting the Old Testament reference, He reveals the heart of God. Jesus is showing us that God understands the hurt that comes from a hardened heart and He is building a reservoir around the hurting. For all those who have been abandoned by a faithless spouse, Jesus remains faithful.



 When you don't know what to do, remember what He does; He remains faithful.