Mark 10:1

Holy Drive



"…He taught them." Mark 10:1



The opening verse shows us Jesus’ tenacity in teaching. Regardless of opposition, success or suffering, Jesus kept on teaching. Exposing and explaining the heart of the Father was His primary purpose. Wherever Jesus went He was always about His Father’s business preaching, teaching and demonstrating the unfailing love of God. He wasted no opportunity during His ministry; there was never a stationary day. He taught morning and evening; His message gathered no dust.


Jesus knew what was in the heart of every human. He knew the vast majority of His audience was hardened and unbelieving. He knew His words of salvation and eternal life fell on shallow, thorny and rocky ground. He knew this, yet kept preaching and teaching.


The Holy Drive of Jesus is an example to all disciples who know what it is like to do good to others, yet be unappreciated. No matter who you are: minister, missionary, mom, or volunteer worker, discipler, parent, single adult, college student, remember Jesus’ example of Holy Drive. We are not to give up teaching, preaching and telling others of Jesus’ love just because we see no results. We are not to relax though we see no fruit from our work. 


We are to work tenaciously, always remembering the duty is ours and the results are God’s. We need all varieties of workers in the cause of His kingdom so there must be those who plow and those who sow.  Every worker and witness of Jesus knows the results aren't up to them. Success is not under our control because we can't change the hearts of others. Jesus will reward us according to our work, not the results. It's not to the "good and successful" servant, but to "the good and faithful servant" He will one day say, "well done."



What's the area in which you wish you were more successful?  Have you prayed for others, shared His Good News and seen no results?  Get up!  Get going!  Resolve to not leave one thing undone God has called you to do!