Mark 9:50

 A High Sodium Diet



"…have salt in yourselves and be at peace with one another." Mark 9:50



Fire and salt are opposites. Fire destroys, salt preserves. Yet the opposites work together for a common outcome-- the cleansing of a disciple’s life. Fire burns away all the impurities. Salt stops corruption, and keeps off destruction. Fire preserves and does not destroy. 


The cleansing fire of Christ preserves us because it destroys that which is destroying us. Fire and salt include all the ways God deals with us to free us from disobedience and selfishness. By meditating on this verse in small pieces, we can understand the power of salt.


"Have salt," is a command. While all cleansing of one’s life comes through Christ, His Spirit and His Word, each disciple must accept His work. There is no magical cleansing; it must be received. Christ’s work is internal; our mind, heart and will are changed in proportion as we deny ourselves and put away the things which grieve the Spirit. We are changed in proportion as we accept His truth into the deepest parts of our life. And we are changed in proportion as we seek and submit to the ministry of the Holy Spirit. 


The phrase "in yourselves" reminds us that we cannot change ourselves. We will never find the solution to successful living from the world or secondhand opinions of others. There must be constant daily contact with the renewing power of the Holy Spirit. Salt is the Spirit and, in the case of all things spiritual, we need a high sodium diet.


The admonition "be at peace with one another,” we fight against because our pride has been offended or because our ego has been bruised. We would do well to remember that all sin is selfishness.  If we are cleansed from it, then all that leads to strife, struggle and drama in relationships will be removed. 


Only then will we be less inclined to be offended by others. Only then will we be less inclined to exert our rights over redemption. Only where the Spirit is at work on our hearts will our evil desires be stricken out and peace with others be established. 



Through purification we will be preserved.  Where are you being purified?