Mark 9:49

Kill What's Killing You



"everyone shall be salted with fire" Mark 9:49



Jesus makes you pure. It's easy to fall in love with the idea of purity; having a clean life free of the residue of the past, and to miss the truth that purity involves a process. Many want the product without the process. When Jesus uses the word "everyone" in this verse He is speaking of all Christ-followers. 


Every true disciple of Jesus has to submit to be "salted with fire."  This is not an unwelcome threat Jesus is making, but rather a joyful promise to disciples who are weighed down and burdened with their sins. It's good news that freedom from our past, in our present and for our future, is possible. 


We mistakenly take on the responsibility of cleaning up our life, thinking it will make us more pleasing to God. But who can bring a clean thing out of the unclean especially when we are the unclean?  Left on our own, we can make promises of repentance and rededication in an attempt to tediously chip away at our guilt, iniquity and wrongdoing. But we see no progress from our effort.  There is no hope.  We cannot purify ourselves.


There must be One who's not trapped by sin, Who's more powerful than all our internal evil influences; One who can invade our sin territory and deal with it fully. "And He shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire." (Mark 1:8). The fire of the Spirit is the one element able to cleanse the heart. 


If you want to be free, let the fire enter into you.  It will burn up all the evil and nothing else. Lay your heart open and seek for the fiery touch of the transforming Spirit of Jesus. 


God cleanses by raising the temperature in a believer’s life. Suddenly, circumstances change; struggles become stronger. Don't fear trials and calamities. They are tools God uses to forge faith. Coldness is equated with callousness; heat is equated with holiness. When your heart is heated by the Spirit of God, it becomes pliable, breaking the connection between you and your wicked ways.  


Don't fight the fire! It's our nature to fireproof the heart by keeping God on the surface, resisting the penetrating cleansing of the Spirit. Come out of your self- protection and say "search me, O God, see if there is any wicked way in me." Let the cleansing fire kill that which is killing you.



Have you received the cleansing ministry of the Spirit of Jesus?  What is a major area that needs to be purified?