Mark 9:49

This is Gonna Sting



“For everyone will be salted with fire.” Mark 9:49



There is no substitute for the true quality of discipleship. There are obscure sayings on salt which refer to the spirit of discipleship. Christ-followers are designed to change the atmosphere of wherever they find themselves living and working. 

Disciples function like salt. A disciple counteracts dullness and prevents corruption. Jesus is telling His disciples that the Christian life is not a constant, smooth, mild ride through life, but there is something to being a disciple that is like the stinging of salt on an open wound. 

Jesus is letting them, and you and me, know that parts of life are going to sting. But the most intense joy, many times, comes in our greatest pain. The sacrificial quality of the Christian life is one that holds on determinedly to Jesus, through opposition and disaster. Sometimes, we have to surrender the most precious things in life, but all the sting creates within us a meek willingness to suffer for the Savior. That’s the salt of human life.

Disciples can’t follow Jesus at a safe distance. We will be tried by fire. Sometimes it will be a change in our thinking, other times will mean giving over things that are holding us back spiritually. There may be an attitude of affection so strong that it pulls against the will of God. We have to cry out to God to pour salt in it, rub it in hard. I know it will sting, but purify me, oh Lord.



Examine your life before God; is there any dirt, in any area, in need of cleansing? Is there any dullness? Has anything numbed your heart to the heart of God?