2 Timothy 1:12

So Be Happy



“. . . I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able . . .” 
2 Timothy 1:12



Our culture defines happiness as a euphoric feeling from problems solved, needs met, and hopes and dreams fulfilled, when everything goes the way we want. We have been led to believe that happiness means that life has to go according to our liking. If it doesn’t, we feel rejected, defeated and ripped off.  Then, we spend our time complaining about how unfair life is. We have forgotten that because we are in God’s heart, we find happiness from a source greater than people and possessions. 

The living presence of Jesus is at work in our lives. He is building us through all things good and bad. We can believe it. God wants our lives to work. We can be convinced that He is at work. Happiness means that we can look at our circumstances and not lose faith, because our happiness is based on God’s ability. 

So be happy, not in the petty fleeting moments offered to you by the world, but by focusing your head and your heart on the things Jesus has done for you. 

He changed you – Christ abolished death and established life. In fact, the worst day of being alive is much better than the best day of being dead. You’re not dead. He brought His life to you and changed you. You now belong to God and nothing can change it. How could you not be happy?

He called you –There is meaning in your life.  Coursing through your body is the purpose and the promise of God. If you are unsure of this, read the call of Jeremiah (Chapter 1.) God knows why you are here and so should you.

He cares for you – It is God who watches over every part of your life and it is He who empowers you to accomplish that which is in front of you. Our happiness comes from knowing that God is God and believing that He is able.



Dear Jesus, today I choose to believe that You have not only changed me, but called me and continue to care for me and I believe You are positively responding with Your ability to the details of my life. My happiness is in You.