Titus 3:4

Know His Kindness



“But when the kindness and love of God our Savior toward man appeared,”  Titus 3:4



Kindness is both simple and profound. On the surface, although kindness appears to make God out as a pushover, He is not to be looked upon as a heavenly grandfather that can be used and manipulated.  Kindness is not at the outer edge of God. It is at the core of His identity. 

Through the dark corridor, into the drab convent cells of San Marco at Florence, Friar Angelicose painted the sweet angelic faces of heaven on barren walls to calm the spirit of those who looked upon them. The frescoes were intended to help monks know that God dwelt with them. The holy inspiration of this artistic genius produced a work of the kindness of God. The friar painted not in the sanctuary, but in dark places where we might least anticipate it.  

It is within the cells of our souls where we expect to find God’s cold, hard judgment and condemnation. Yet, instead, we find the kindness of God, unexpected and undeserved. This is the very definition of the kindness of God. A King of all creation has stooped into the darkened prison of our pride to paint us with His favor and love.

Forgiveness is bound tightly to kindness. Without forgiveness, kindness cannot exist. It is through God’s forgiveness that we are reunited, accepted and received as we are by God.  In our private struggles, we find God is unflinchingly faithful to us. Only when we are sure of His relentless kindness, can we live confidently. 



Lord, I welcome You now into this place to fill it with Your presence. Awaken every part of me so I will know that You are closer than I ever thought. The prayer of my heart speaks, “Only You, Jesus. Only You, Jesus.” You are here every moment. When I feel condemned, You make me righteous. When I am lonely, You increase your presence. When I fail, You help me to return. When I am tempted, You strengthen me. When I fall, I fall toward You. When I despair, You give me grace. Regardless of what I feel, no matter what I am going through, I know You are here and I will be alright.