Mark 9:24


Tangling with the Tension of Trust



“I do believe; help my unbelief” Mark 9:24



In our life, faith and doubt, hope and fear, often live side by side. To make such an admission calls our confidence into question. It shouldn’t, because it is, in fact, a very vivid picture of the heart of many true believers. Nothing is perfect in the life of a believer when it comes to living faith in the real world. Our knowledge, love and trust are, to some degree, defective and are in tension with unbelief. Many are weighed down with a sense of the impossible. And that is precisely why miracles don’t happen. 

If we let hopelessness drive our decisions, then, whatever we do, will be hopeless. By approaching a situation in a spirit of faith, it opens up possibility. What we need is a sense that all things are possible.

This man’s faith was so badly shaken that when he came to Jesus, all he could say at first was help me “if you can.” But, when face to face with Jesus, his faith comes alive “I do believe,” he cried.

If there is still some discouragement, if there is still some doubt, fill them with faith. Even if your faith is weak, you must use it! Don’t wait till it’s great, perfect or powerful. But like the man in this passage, turn your feeble faith into expectation in Jesus. The cure for this man’s son did not depend on Jesus, but on the man.

Resist your tendency to unbelief. Don’t allow it to keep you from Jesus and His work. Like the man in this passage, take your doubt and defeat and cry out, “Help me in my unbelief.”

True belief is not born in safety and isolation from the world, it’s born as a result of tangling with the tension of trust. True believers are the ones who have fought the fight to trust against doubt, who have warred to stay in faith in the face of fear, and won an inner peace. To the world, all this is foolishness, but to the believer, it’s trust that taps into the treasures of God.



The struggle to believe is not wrong. Whatever the area of doubt, you must let it drive back into the presence of Jesus.