Mark 9:19

Defeating Disappointment



“O faithless generation! . . .” Mark 9:19



It wasn’t what you expected. Sometimes people get less than what they wanted. Sometimes people get less than what they hoped for, from a church or a pastor. When that happens, one must press beyond the places and the people to the Master of all Himself. Sometimes organizations disappoint us. Sometimes people will disappoint us. We must make our way back to Jesus, to find He never disappoints.

Jesus knows how it feels to be disappointed. This verse opens with a cry wrung from the heart of Jesus. He had been on the mountain and now, back down in town, He finds His disciples beaten and confused, helpless and ineffective. He finds a man and his son defeated. The atmosphere was charged with negativity. For a moment, disappointment shot through His heart, He felt a tinge of hopelessness of the task of making men into believing disciples. However, it did not get the best of Him. 

Jesus faced the disappointment head on. “Bring the boy to me,” He said. The key to defeating disappointment is to deal with the situation before us. When we feel overwhelmed and can’t make sense of the future, when the questions looming before us are unanswerable, then take care of what’s in front of you. When we sit and think about the state of the world, or how we’ve been wounded by other’s decisions, disappointment might take hold of us and lead us right into depression. So take action in your part of the world and bring it to Jesus. The surest way to avoid disappointment and pessimism is to do what we can to bring it to Jesus.



Stop focusing on how institutions have failed you. Quit dwelling on how people have let you down. Drop your expectations of what you think others owe you. Gather up your disappointments and bring them to Jesus. Now focus on your present, obey whatever He has called you to do next.