Mark 9:14

The Voice



“He saw a great multitude around them, . . .” Mark 9:14



God listens. It’s comforting to know as we live in our noise-filled world. 

As Jesus makes His way back down the mountain, His hearing is blasted by the grating noise of religious debate, human anguish and demonic possession. How reassuring it is to know Jesus hears it all. 

Jesus hears the voice of disdain.

A heated confrontation is raging between the nine disciples whom Jesus left, and the religious hall monitors sent from Jerusalem. The scribes are winning and rubbing it in the faces of the disciples. No matter which side one identifies with, Jesus hears it.  Maybe your heart is filled with scorn or ridicule towards God and His ways. Your focus might be more with fault-finding than faith-finding. Maybe you are taking a verbal beating from others because of your belief in Jesus, you feel helpless and unarmed. In either case, He hears.

Jesus hears the voice of despair.

Imagine being in the unfiltered presence of God one minute, and dealing with the incompetence of the disciples the next minute. He had left them to minister to the crowd. His trust in them is high, but they were overrun and overwhelmed. Perhaps the pressure of your needs, coupled with the weight of other’s needs around you, is more than your spirit can bear. Take comfort knowing His ears are open to the cries of the righteous. He hears your despair.

Jesus hears the voice of defeat.

At Jesus’ command the demonic spirit shrieks and comes out of the writhing boy. By all indications, the boy is as good as dead. But Jesus takes him by the hand, lifts him up and he arose. The yell of defeat is met with resurrection. When failure and loss screams out from us, Jesus gets the last say so, He raises us up out of hopelessness.

Jesus hears the voice of dilemma.

The disciples are learning and growing. Rather than hiding their failure, they admit it and ask for help. In our dilemmas, Jesus does not give up on us. He reminds us, He is the source of our power. We can be called and prepared, but if we do not remain in constant contact with source of our Owner, we will fail in a crisis.

No matter our situation when we cry out, He hears.



There will not be one thing you face today of which He is not aware. He is the ounce of deliverance.