Galatians 4:6-7

In the Father’s Family



Because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out, “Abba, Father!” Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son, and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.  Galatians 4:6-7



The apostle Paul wrote emphatically that Christians are sons and daughters of God, and therefore, Jesus is the Christian’s brother. Did you hear that? It’s truly remarkable! And this position of son and daughter is not just on paper; you enjoy this position experientially. If you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, something supernatural occurred. At the moment of your salvation, the Lord Jesus released His Holy Spirit into your heart, and your spirit came alive. You were born again!

As a result of your new birth, the Holy Spirit is constantly at work bringing you into a fuller, richer relationship with the Lord Jesus and the Father. One of the Spirit’s most wonderful works is to give you the unqualified assurance that God is your Father. As you pray, hear a great song of the Lord, or listen to a sermon, the Holy Spirit reminds you again and again that you truly are a child of God—and nothing can ever change that reality. Your spirit rightfully cries out, “Abba, Father!”

But there is more. Since you are a son or daughter of God, you are not a slave. In fact, you are a joint heir with Jesus. You are in the family of God.



Almighty God, Your Spirit creates in me an awareness that I am Yours. I now know I am no longer a slave to this world, and my heart is overwhelmed by Your grace. I love You and I thank You for bringing me into Your family. I show my confidence in You with only one word: Abba. Amen.