Mark 9:8

Are You Awake?



". . . when they looked around they saw only Jesus." Mark 9:8



Faith involves being awake. We live in a deeply distracted culture. Our minds are filled with endless trivia and self-centered chatter, to do lists, worries about the past, speculation about the future. All the clutter of life keeps us in an emotional coma and robs us from seeing His glory in the here and now.

The disciples are given a fiery invitation to see that eternity begins now. Jesus wasn't just preparing them for the afterlife, but teaching them to live in the present. He's teaching them to live life awake. When the disciples were fully awake, they saw the glory of the transfigured Lord. Awakening from the mind-numbing dullness of worldly pursuit, we see things differently.

When we are awake we see a transfigured world.

What used to seem commonplace, now is ablaze with meaning. Wonder returns, we are gripped by a sense of awe of all God has made. It's wakefulness that gives us a vital, vivid experience, living faith. Look out your kitchen window, let your eyes take in the sky, sun, moon, the grass, trees, flowers. Before you is the same, old everyday wonder of God’s work, but life lived half asleep sees no difference from one day to the next.

When we are awake we see a transfigured heart.

The disciples caught a new insight into the character of Jesus. They saw him in a way they had not seen him before. His life burned in glorious self-sacrifice, but few were awake to appreciate Him. So often we awake when it's too late. We have to be jolted by catastrophe, to appreciate what once was there. All the sweet moments of life rush past and we see nothing but sand. God moves, the Spirit speaks, but we are too dull to perceive Him, so blind to His working in our heart.

When we are awake we see a transfigured God.

Life's greatest tragedy is not what we suffer, but what we miss. Our spiritual capabilities lie dormant, so our surroundings seem barren and meaningless. However, a soul awakened sees a bush ablaze with God. The eyes opened in Damascus, see Jesus in every page. The darkened eyes filled with the light of His healing presence exclaims, "I once was blind, and now I see."

When we are awake we see only Jesus.

What the disciples would always remember from that transforming day forward, was only Jesus. Not the brilliant light, not the cloud, or the voice, but only Jesus Himself. In life, whoever or whatever vanishes from our life, be it people, or possessions, Jesus, only Jesus, remains with His disciples. 



Get a post-it-note and write "Are you awake?" Place it where you will see it all day. Keep your spirit awake and alert to His presence.