Mark 9:32

Unwelcome Truth



“. . . they were afraid to ask . . .” Mark 9:32



Jesus is always willing to help. But the disciples are afraid to ask, not because Jesus was unwilling to tell them, they were afraid to ask, because they already knew the answer. They understood enough of what Jesus had been telling them of His death.  

Even though they had been debating who would be the greatest in the new kingdom, they knew enough to know their hopes of holding an office in an earthly kingdom were doomed. They did not want to come face-to-face with the destiny of the cross, and the suffering it would bring into their lives.

There are some things in life we would just as soon remain in the dark about, because to know would reconstruct life as we know it. There are relationships which have to be adjusted, and others forsaken. There are homes and business that have to be cleansed. Methods of living, which need to be purged. There are dispositions of distrust towards God, tough lessons of learning to serve Him, even when there are no answers to our disappointment and losses. To bring our lives to Christ will mean the loss of popularity and status that comes from standing with Christ. We know there are some things that have to go, and their removal will be painful.

With these early disciples of Jesus, the very thing they were afraid to ask, was the very thing that would bring the greatest blessing. They were afraid to ask for the proof of His love. They were afraid to ask what it was that would open heaven to all believers. They were afraid to ask what would be the ultimate fulfillment of the promises of God.

The thing we fear most, is the thing that empowers with substance, and equips us to serve. But we each must welcome the truth by saying, “I’m all in.”



What’s your unwelcome truth? Name it. 

Ask God to lead you to the blessing it contains.