Mark 9:2

Behind the Seen



"Jesus led them up a high mountain apart by themselves. . ." Mark 9:2



You cannot make yourself more spiritual whenever you choose. It requires the steady work of unnoticed prayer. Prayer held a place of priority in the life of Jesus. He often went into the mountains to pray and was known to spend whole nights in prayer.

Nothing in Jesus’ life happened by accident. His decisions and achievements were all worked out in prayer. Jesus gave His life as an example of all that can be accomplished through prayer. If we prayed the way He did, our eyes would be opened to the beauty of the Lord the way it was to Him.

Much of what passes for prayer today is distant, formal and mechanical. Prayers prayed with passivity are not glorifying, uplifting, let alone transforming. Prayer that has transfiguring power is not made up of mere words, but is a deliberate act of the communion of the soul alone with God, which results in a transfigured life. Where this kind of prayer is absent there is no transformation, and God and man remain estranged from each other. 

What prayer from the soul does, is open up our nature so that God’s life is free to flow in filling and purifying our life, bringing in the fullness of His presence. This kind of prayer awakens us and prepares us for great things. Most of all, it breaks down everything that works to limit the life of the Holy One within us. We should not forget that this experience in prayer is available to all believers.

Secret prayer is not in body posture or facial expressions, but is soul dominated by the love of God. In prayer, we discover the power of His life is changing us into His image, making known to us the heart of God. Our heart resonates with His spirit, the life which we have by faith in Christ is love. In prayer, we discover that love is the central active force of our life.

So it is that every Christian needs a place to be alone with the Lord. A place apart from the frustrations and hectic pace, where you can be in His presence. In 2 Peter 1:18, Peter describes this transfiguration experience, he called the mountain "the holy mount" it became a holy mountain because he met Jesus there. 



Find a place and sit with Him awhile. Lift the eyes of your heart to your Heavenly Father and let Him do the rest.