Mark 8:27

Think Him Out



“. . . Who do people say that I am?” Mark 8:27



Everybody’s got an opinion about Jesus, most gathered from a lifetime of half-heard sermons, or ramblings of drunken friends, or jaded college professors with an agenda. In some manner, people, as a whole, are thinking about Him. 

So were the people in the disciples’ day. Jesus asked His disciples “who do others say I am?”  People were impressed by what He said, what He did, and who He was. Though opinions disagreed, they all agreed on the fact that, this man in their midst, was great and worth listening to and knowing. 

They had to think him out, to deal with this new and impressive fact that He had entered their lives to figure out where He fit in their lives. It’s interesting to note, all the concepts the disciples report are, in some way, misguided.

Some say He’s like John the Baptist. John was valiant in spirit, possessed utter fearlessness and absolute sincerity. John withdrew to the desert and called others to give up the amenities of life. But Jesus, He loved the beauty of the earth, the happiness that relationships brought, He loved the light in children’s faces and laughter of their voices. Jesus’ faith was wide, ample and included the whole of life, He could smile and laugh with all His might. 

Some say He’s like Elijah. The Jews had been waiting for Elijah to reappear. When Jesus preached, a rustle went through the crowd, that He was the prophet returned. The disciples wanted to emulate Elijah by calling down fire on the Samaritans. Jesus would have none of it. The truth was that all of Elijah’s theatrics in Christ’s presence look crude and out of place. Jesus could face a fierce force and, with a whisper, calm the storm. The still, quiet voice of Jesus released captives and gave life to the dead.

Others say He’s one of the prophets, like Isaiah or Jeremiah, thundering truth and pleading for repentance. But Jesus didn’t preach that way. He comes like a breath of fresh air, like a word straight from God. In Jesus’ presence, God seems so near and grows wonderfully lovable. People’s hearts were lifted up to the love of the Father, they saw what a gift life is. If you were to ask anyone in the New Testament what Jesus did for them, they would answer at once – He saved me!



Let go of being impressed with the depths of your sin, and fall in love with Jesus. Sit with Him, be awed, humbled in wonder and very sure He’s your Christ.