Mark 8:29

Learning As You Grow



“. . . who do you say that I am? . . .” Mark 8:29



It’s not the journey itself which matters most, but the things we have learned along the way. Simply experiencing life without any reflection, leaves one shallow. We will continue to repeat the same situations until we do. The quickest way to change any part of life is to learn from every event and moment of life. If there’s no learning, there’s no growth. 

Mark has brought us halfway through our travels with Jesus. He has given us a detailed account of His ministry to showing Jesus is the Messiah. Everything Jesus had said and done, the miracles, the healings, the sermons, the conversation and the conflicts, was leading to Peter’s personal confession. All of life’s events correspond to a revelation of Jesus. 

There is only one way to learn as you go, and that is by continual concentration on Christ. If we stay focused, we will stay filled with the knowledge of His presence. Discipleship is based on devotion to Jesus Christ. When one is touched by the Spirit, it results in a confession which exclaims, “now I see who Jesus is.” The eyes of the heart are opened to His identity.

People today have certain ideas about Jesus born out of the classroom or culture and climate in which they live. But, Jesus didn’t ask about the purity of doctrine, nor the accuracy of theology, those are only a matter of intellect. The question He poses is personal, “who do you say that I am?” We must answer the question for ourselves. When it comes to Jesus, it’s not a matter of what your mom, dad, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends or your kids answer. The question is, rather, who do you say He is? 

Jesus cares about what your answer is. He’s a personal God, who has sought you out for a personal relationship. He knows there is no other way back to the Father. He wants to know what your answer is. Allow the question to hit home with you. Considering your journey up to this point, who is He to you?  Let the answer come from deep within your spirit, allow the Spirit to point you to the answer.



Who do you say He is? When did you answer that question for yourself? When did faith get personal?