Mark 8:23

Growing Out of the Darkness



“Taking the blind man by the hand, He brought him out. . .” Mark 8:23



What we fail to see, is we are as blind as the blind man in this text. We are not physically blind, but we all have blind spots. There is a way out of the darkness.

He takes away our excuses.

Bethsaida was a beggar’s culture. There were porches where each type of the diseased grouped together, each with its own kind. Bethesda was a fraternity of miseries. All the sick had developed a support system for the things they couldn’t fix, each day they consoled each other with excuses.

We do the same.  We develop coping skills for things we can’t change. We gather people around us who excuse us from getting well.

To be made whole, Jesus has to take us away from the defeated reasoning of the crowd, and away from the excuses and influence of the defeated. Faith comes by hearing. But it’s hard to hear truth when all the voices in your life are telling you you’re never going to get better. 

He targets our expectancy.

The blind man was a gentile, living in a heathen country on the east side of Galilee.  The fact that he does not speak except to answer a question implies he was not expecting anything to happen. It was not the prayer of the blind man, but that of his friends, which Jesus answered. He had no expectation of anything from Jesus.  

His eyes are blind, so he cannot not see the sympathy and care on the Master’s face. Jesus knew to get ahold of the heart, He must take him by the hand. So Jesus touches him, lovingly, firmly. At once, expectancy is activated. He surrenders to Jesus. Before a miracle, there must be a living expectation and surrender that change is possible.


He treats us exponentially.

The blind man is healed slowly, because he believed slowly. Jesus keeps the man in step by taking little steps. With each touch of Jesus, things become clearer. The man is willingly at the mercy of Jesus. We grow gradually into Jesus. 

Progress in faith does not consist in seeing new things, but seeing old things more clearly. We see Christ, His cross, more vividly, and incorporate it more deeply. We do not grow away from Him, but into Him. 



Are you growing into more of Jesus?