Mark 9:3

The Vision in the Verse



"and His garments became radiant and exceedingly white, . . ." Mark 9:3



Discipleship is demanding. Jesus says hard things about following him. Take up your cross, deny yourself, lose your life. At the same time, He promises a sight of the glory that is to come. 

Year after year, we see Christ followers being persecuted and executed by the thousands. Committed disciples line the shore in orange jumpsuits waiting to be beheaded. Christians are put in cages and set on fire. Because of faith in Jesus, they are disowned, mutilated, tormented and shot. We know little of these modern day martyrs, except that they have gone on to a world we know little of. 

There is the temptation to give up serving Christ, because of the cross and the affliction it brings with it. We see few with us and many against us. We are maligned, slandered, and called evil because we believe in and love Jesus.

These things are trying to our human flesh. No wonder our faith sometime weakens. The vision in this verse is the remedy for fading faith. It's God’s gracious pledge, that greater things are in store for God’s people. Our crucified savior will come again in power and glory. The faithful will come with Him and are in safekeeping until that day. We wait, with the assurance that when Christ shows up again on this earth, you will show up too – the real you, the glorious you, meanwhile be content with obscurity like Christ.

The vision in the verse is meant to teach disciples that, though your days of suffering may not be the same as others, things aren't always the way they appear. Though while Jesus was on the earth, He was humble and poor in appearance, He will one day appear as royalty and majesty. The vision in the verse is meant to teach that, though we are reviled and persecuted now, because we belong to Christ, we will one day be clothed with honor and share in His glory.



Lord, You are bigger and far greater than my present pain. Fill me with understanding that the glory You assumed at Your transfiguration is the glory I received at Your resurrection.