Mark 9:2

Fresh Assurance



“And six days later, . . .” Mark 9:2



If you want to make sense of the present, look at the past. Remember what went before. The meaning of what we are going through is found in the context of our life. In the case of the disciples and Jesus, what is happening here in verse 2, is understood by examining what had previously happened. 

It was Christ’s first announcement that His life was not going to end on a throne, as the disciples had imagined, but in a cruel and shameful death. Jesus’ daring declaration produced dismay in the disciples. They were revolted at the thought of a cross for the one they loved and followed. The mood of the disciples was disgust and objection. Their whole world was disoriented and in despair. Understanding this is the key to making sense of the wonderful event that comes next.

What happened on the mountain was meant for encouragement for the disciples, whose faith had been shattered – it came at a strategic time for Jesus, it strengthened Him to bear the cross and taste death. It was Heaven cheering Jesus on, with the thought of the glory He was returning to, by way of the cross. It was a foretaste of His great reward and sacrificial love. It was the touch of the joy of Heaven, to help Him bear the sufferings of earth. There was someone else there that day who needed encouragement as well.

Oh, how Jesus must have needed the help of Heaven. His heart had been grieved by the dullness of the disciples, wearied by the madness of the masses, and run down by the hostility of religious rulers. But in this moment of transcendence, it became clear how His work was being viewed by God and all of Heaven.

Though He stood alone on earth, misunderstood, forsaken and persecuted, He had Heaven’s approval. The transfiguration was a fresh assurance of the Father’s love. And from that moment on, He set Himself steadfastly to go to Jerusalem.

None of us will ever be as wearied and worn out as Jesus. For we have not spent our spirit to that extent, or drained our heart, for the love of God’s world. But for the seasons you’ve grown weary in well-doing, and wondered if our ministry is making a difference, Heaven has fresh assurance for you. God sees you living faithfully for Him, and you are loved by the Father.



Close your eyes, clear your heart, receive fresh assurance of God’s love.