Mark 8:31

Uniquely Jesus



“And He began to teach . . .” Mark 8:31



Jesus was different. There was something about Him, an intangible quality only experienced by being in His presence. Jesus had a way of being present, making things first-hand. Jesus didn’t skip or shortcut anything that was human. He simply was with the Father. There was no angst in Him.

In Jesus, we are faced by something completely unique. Jesus didn’t struggle to liberate His powers, nor did He struggle to express Himself. He was the expression of the Father. He could not be contained or categorized.

One might say He’s a martyr, an apostle, a prophet, or a teacher. But He is uniquely Jesus. No one comes to the Father but by Me; no one knows the Father, but the Son. In His unconditional obedience, His claims, and demands and, in His complete freedom from sin, He is unlike anything the world has ever seen. 

If you were to sit with the disciples, you’d catch a glimpse of His personality. You’d be pierced by His eager passion, fierce tenderness, His gracious awareness toward others. You’d sense deeply His confidence and assurance of His world-redeeming ability to restore the broken. You’d sense His selfless devotion. You’d be so overcome, that there are no words. You are in the presence of the unique One.

He knew sorrow, but was never tortured by self-pity. He had come from heaven, and knew there was nothing to fear. He had no sense of failure.

He had a mighty task, but there was no striving. He just lived in God’s love. You never see Him at the end of His day crying, “What a failure I’ve been!” However, you would hear Him cry out, “If anyone is thirsty, come and drink,” or gloriously shouting, “It is finished!”

Jesus’ personality was contagious to all who got around Him. No one ever felt condemned in His presence. Instead, they felt they had a brother and a friend in Him. The poor, the prodigals, the strays and the wreckage of humanity, have all come to Him and He never rejected anyone. He is uniquely Jesus. Through Him, we see the love revealed on the cross is the love that dwells in the heart of God. 



“Dear Jesus, I have lived with a small heart, too small for all that you are. Stretch my heart to receive more of you.”