Mark 8:11

What Would Be Enough For You?



". . . seeking from Him a sign. . .” Mark 8:11



"If I could see a miracle, then I would believe!" Really? Most likely, a demonstration of His power still wouldn't be enough. It wasn't enough for Israel. They witnessed God issue plagues, part the sea, lead with a pillar of fire and a cloud, provide manna, yet they turned their backs on God.

The Pharisees made a point of seeking Jesus out for a sign. They had seen Him heal the sick and drive out demons. It wasn't enough, still they asked for more. 

Now, they demanded a sign from heaven, perhaps He should make the sun stand still. Had He complied, it would not have changed their carnal disposition or unbelief. They had only come to complain, criticize and confirm their deep-seated doubt. It still wouldn't have been enough.

Ironically, had they asked him for healing, relief or assistance, He would have gladly and joyfully answered. That would have been enough for Jesus to supply their request. But, He knew why they had come to Him, and it pained His Spirit. He knew that what they asked for, if granted, would not be enough for them. So, He censured and condemned their request.

What's enough for you? Think of all Jesus has provided by way of His words, His actions, and revealing His identity. Remember, all the miraculous healings, curing the sick, opening blind eyes, causing the deaf to hear, and raising the dead; all the wondrous displays of His power, when He touched the bent, broken and bruised, and banished demons. His words were enough to calm the storm. His spit was enough to restore speech. 

Jesus is enough for the mothers and fathers who got their children back. And for the children who got their lives back. Jesus is enough, for the man who was paralyzed, and began to walk. Jesus is enough, for the man who lived among the dead, who began to live among the living.

He's already given enough evidence to justify faith in Him. He's provided enough to know that He is from God. There was great sign given so we would believe. He rose from the dead in three days. Isn't that enough?



Jesus, I thank you that you are more than enough.