Mark 8:4

Don't Despise the Dry Places



". . . Where will anyone find enough bread here in the wilderness . . .?" Mark 8:4



Human hunger is both physical and spiritual. They each have their own circumstances and conditions, but the commonality of the two is that there is emptiness and lack in both. 

The disciples had decided the desert was no place for nourishment. They assumed they would never be able to find enough bread there in the dry place. They believed it was time to get out of the desolate place. What little resources they did have, paled in comparison to the size of need. They simply saw no reason to stay in such arid territory. They might have been right, had Jesus not been there in the same desolate place.

Our lives can feel as dry as the wilderness, a desolate desert. The hunger pangs of our heart can be as painful as anything we have ever experienced. Living with prolonged, unmet need will eventually cause us to faint. With the weakness of our heart, we decide the answer to our need must be somewhere else. Dry places make us desperate. We begin to hate our surroundings and reach for answers elsewhere, not realizing that for which we are reaching, is only a mirage.

Jesus does not despair in our dry places, neither is He discouraged, or disappointed in us. He understands our soul is drained, dehydrated and depleted. Life can be sustained in the parched landscape, because Jesus is there when our soul is barren. What harvest the heart can't yield, is found in Him, but only if the dry place is inhabited by our God. And, only if what we have is handed over to the Creator. Left to ourselves and our own resources, our soul will starve.

The dry places are there to develop trust. We give what little we have in belief that Jesus can do something big. In the hands of the Provider, "not enough" becomes "more than enough." The reward for trusting was a feast for thousands. The miracle of feeding the multitudes was not in how many were fed, but the disciples’ simple act of trusting God with their resources.

Think of your limited resources, your money, talent, understanding, health. So little, yet so useful when placed in the hands of Jesus. No matter how insignificant you think of your resources, put all of it in the hands of the Savior, and watch Him multiply it for the good of the kingdom. Don't despise your desolate place, rise up in it, knowing Jesus is standing there with you.




God, here is what little I have, I place it into your hands, because I believe you will take the little and make much out of it.