Mark 7:13

The Replacement Killers



“. . . invalidating the word of God . . .” Mark 7:13



We have an excuse for everything we don’t want to do. So did the Pharisees, it was Corban. They created a rule that something brought near to God could not be used to help others, even though they had the means to do so. Jesus uses this to warn His disciples how easily one can slip from honoring the word of God and replace it with human ingenuity and tradition in a way that kills the spirit of the Word. It’s a warning to us today.

We read the Bible to gain a personal revelation of God. We read the Bible the way it comes to us, NOT the way we come to it. But that’s what we do, like the Pharisees, we honor ourselves before heeding the sacred text. 

The crafty way of reading the text is really not new at all, it’s what the Pharisees did. It begins with the reader placing themselves over the sacred text, making one’s self sovereign. Reading chapter and verse based on personal wants, needs, and feelings becomes the validating points of life.

“My needs” are non-negotiable, my need for affirmation, respect and to get my own way form the foundation of my life.

“My wants” are evidence of my self-importance, they are insatiable and require more and more goods and services, more things, more power. Appetite and consumption are the new fruits of the Spirit.

“My feelings” are the truth of who I am. Any person who can provide me with excitement, joy and exhilaration, validates my self-importance.

What a slippery slope. Have we traded in our Holy Bibles for the new text of the holy self? We operate under the influence of our personal preferences. We continue to consult our needs, wants and feelings, we hardly notice the shift from what we so long professed to believe. None of us are immune to the danger of making ourselves the authority of our life. 

We must let His word enter our soul again, to be formed now and for all eternity; not just study it, but assimilate it into acts of love.



If you are curious about how God asks us to apply His word, read Revelation 10:9-10.