Mark 8:5

The Task Of Trust



“. . . How many loaves do you have? . . .” Mark 8:5



Jesus’ ministry is practical. Jesus, full of kindness and compassion, looked around and saw the large crowd who had nothing to eat. He knew they were following Him out of curiosity. Whether they were faithless, graceless, or unthankful, He felt for them. He’s confident in His ability to meet their needs; but before He does, He draws His disciples into the present need.

The disciples feel helpless; they have no access to get enough bread for the multitudes. It was to be an impossible task. In the middle of the wilderness, it’s an absurd request. The disciples were so close to Him, yet they failed to consider His ability. A sense of hopelessness in circumstances is a sure sign we’ve lost touch of His presence.

Jesus’ penetrating question is a stinging rebuke of their faint-heartedness. Our tough situations are compounded by personal doubt in His ability. The words of the disciples reveal their reluctance to trust when a demand is placed upon them. We look at our unmet needs and cry out, “God, do something about this mess!” and Jesus’ swift reply is “What do you have?” It’s His way of saying, “Why don’t you do your part?”

He asked them how much bread they had. He didn’t ask them to handle everything at once, only that they would begin with trust. That’s all God asks of us. That, as we do what we can, more gets done than we could ever imagine. It’s simple trust that creates an opportunity for God to work in our needs.  God gets things done when we do our part. At every given moment of our life, there is a great ocean of resource, power and energy which is unleashed by our willingness to trust.

He gives us the task of trust; like a man climbing a mountain, each step takes him closer to the top, a new world breaks open. He moves into a new spiritual climate of strength and joy.  He sees the hidden things that he couldn’t have seen when he started. By doing what we can do, our faith is strengthened, we find we can do more. When in the face of bewildering difficulty, if we will settle our heart to trust first, we will take on great challenges with deep, abiding hope. We discover there is no end to the bread He provides.



When you feel that things are going from bad to worse, ask yourself, “Am I doing my part?”