Mark 7:34

Be Opened!



“. . . and He said to him, ‘Be opened!’ “ Mark 7:34



God is love. There is no place where our sorrows and struggles are more felt than heaven. This simple truth escapes us. The sovereignty and omnipotence of God have so dominated our thinking, it’s almost impossible to imagine God being merciful, and helpful. Our theological conditioning has caused us to view God’s omnipotence as an untouchable, impersonal power. But, all of God’s power is held by His love. God is omni-sensitive, His ears are open to our many cries. 

It’s breathtaking that Jesus, being God, feels our sorrow. He places His finger in the ears of this man, a sign of His commitment to be with us, sighs looks up, and all of heaven is drawn into our crisis and condition. Jesus says “Ephphatha” which means be opened.

Be opened is how God reveals Himself to us. Be opened is reminiscent of “let there be light.” It’s the word He speaks as the cosmos and creation take shape. Be opened is the work of God when life makes its appearance in the waters, on the land, and in the air. 

Be opened, and there comes into being mankind who is capable of entering into relationship with the Creator. Be opened is the sound of the scroll being unrolled, revealing God’s everlasting Word. Be opened is finding the treasures of this planet that man has nothing to do with, but only discovers through exploring the wonders of God’s great earth. 

Be opened is the Spirit of Heaven descending on Jesus. Be opened is the Father’s approval of the Son, be opened is the word of Christ Himself as He calls up the sick and calls out the dead. Be opened is the cry of the cross, revealing the sin of man. Be opened is the prayer of all those who long for His light of salvation to break into their darkened lives.  Be opened is the appeal to dispel prejudice, and discover unity. Be opened is the triumphant voice of the Savior, exclaiming “It is finished!” Be opened tears into the veil that separates, making a way for God and man to meet. 

Love speaks be opened, and ears were opened, eyes saw the light of Jesus. The soul responds to the voice of love and awakens to worship, the all-seeing, all-hearing, all-feeling Creator.



Heaven is open today, are you?