John 10:9

Jesus in Present Tense – The Door



“I am the door;  . . .” John 10:9



A door, as we know it, functions in two ways: it keeps things in, as well as, it keeps things out. Jesus applied this image to Himself, so there would be no confusion for His listeners. 

At night, a shepherd would gather the sheep in a stone enclosure with a narrow opening. Then, the shepherd would lay across the opening and, literally, become the door of the fold, so that no sheep could get out or in, except over his body. The shepherd is the door. Jesus lays His body down on the cross, so that all who believe in Him will find eternal life.

Christ is the door of salvation. “By me if anyone enter in, he shall be saved.” John 10:9. Many have tried to scale the wall through philosophy, human effort, or religious rule-keeping, but apart from Christ, there is no salvation.

Christ is the door of spiritual freedom. Of the sheep who pass through, they “shall go in and out.”  The Christian life has deeper dimension, broader horizons, and greater perspective. There is a rhythm in our freedom in Christ, one of going in and out.  We go out in His presence and power to work, and we go in to His presence to rest. 

Christ is the door to a supported life. “He shall find pasture.”  Life is enriched and enhanced by our dwelling with Him. We find connection and community with others. The church is His flock. He is our Shepherd.



Jesus, I thank you for being my Shepherd, and for the abundant entrance you’ve given me to your presence.