John 8:12

Jesus in Present Tense - The Light of the World



“. . . I am the light of the world. . . . ” John 8:12



Our world needs light. Without it nothing on our planet would grow or live. Light is indispensable to life. In the same way, what light is to the earth, Jesus is to you and me.

Jesus makes the vivid claim during the festival of tabernacles. In the center of the tabernacle, four huge candelabras stood, on which hung a multitude of lights. When night came, they were lit and sent a blaze throughout the city, casting light on every part of the city.

His light makes darkness flee.  Where we once sat in spiritual darkness, He reached out, lifted us from the shadows, and brought us into His marvelous light. 

His light reveals.  By His light, He reveals in us Christ-like traits, qualities, and gifts that otherwise would have remained hidden.

His light guides.  In the dark, we easily stumble, fall and lose our way. Light gives us direction for the journey. Light leads to an intelligent path of direction and destiny.

His light permeates.  He is unhindered, breaking through all barriers of space and time. Because He is light, He is closer to us than our closest relatives on earth.

His light is pure.  Christ walked among the earth’s moral pollution. He touched the sick, diseased and dying, but darkness could not touch Him. Every person He ministered to was changed by His presence. 

His light never fades.  Jesus is the very light of God, come to dwell among His people. He is the light which gives life. Man-made light will eventually flicker and die out, but the light of Jesus shines forever.

His light is reflected.  While Jesus was with the twelve, He said to them, “you are the light of the world.” Our light comes from the light of Jesus. Catching His radiance, we reflect it to a darkened world.



Find a quiet place, light a candle, open your Bible and read John 8:12-20. Saturate yourself with the truth of Jesus being your light.