John 6:35

Jesus in Present Tense - The Bread of Life



“. . . I am the bread of life. . . .” John 6:35



He is the sustenance of our soul. Jesus performed two miracles involving bread. He pressed His disciples a number of times to learn the lesson of the bread. We may be unfamiliar as to why bread is such a big deal. Today when we hear that Jesus is the bread of life, our only question is, “Is He gluten free?”

Jesus is making the point that what bread is to physical life, He is to the soul. How fitting that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, which meant the house of bread. He is our source of life. While natural bread grows stale, the bread of Christ never does.

Jesus was generous in multiplying the bread for the masses. He knew the crowd was seeking the material rather than the spiritual. He spoke to the crowd, “you are not here for me, but for the loaves which I gave you.”

We can sometimes have ulterior motives for seeking Christ.  Selfishness can govern the most noble pursuits.  We serve to gain respectability, we give for prestige. We worship to appear more devout. Sometimes, we are more concerned with cultivating an image than we are of the reality of Christ. Have we not at times reached for religion, rather than relationship, or grabbed hold of the temporary, while losing site of the timeless? Have we settled for shallow sustenance, instead of the substance of submission?  Have we been held by our own hungers, rather than holiness? There is no pursuit more exhausting than a life of ego, cloaked in God.

Jesus, in this verse, is calling us beyond the appetites of the stomach, to a hunger and thirst for more of His presence. Only Christ, who is the bread, can satisfy the soul. We need to take Christ into our inner most being, assimilate His truth and metabolize Hispresence into our daily life. He will sustain our spent souls, and cause us to seek Him as our true bread. 



Christ sacrificed Himself to become for us the bread of life. Have you received Him?