Mark 7:37

The Excellence of Jesus



“. . . He does all things well; . . .” Mark 7:37



All of God’s creative works are perfect. The parallel between the words of the crowd and the culmination of creation is hard to miss. At creation, “God saw that His work was good” (Gen. 1:4). But now, on this occasion, the crowd saw that He does all things well.

When our Lord works, He selects the solution. Sometimes, He chooses to work by the word preached publicly, sometimes by the word read privately, sometimes through testing, sometimes by the words of friends. Sometimes He uses grace to keep us out of harm’s way, sometimes He uses His mercy to rescue us from a perilous way. He will not let any of His ways become an idol. All of His ways are useful and valuable, all are used to win the soul and He does all things well. 

Thinking over how God has worked in your past, from all the days which led to your conversion, and all the days from that point on, Jesus has done all things well. He brought us out of darkness into His light, in our weakness and brokenness, in teaching and stripping us of our false gods, in setting us free from our favored sins. All the times He didn’t let us have our way, but pointed us to a life-giving path. In placing us where we are, and giving us what we have, He has done all things well.

As we look ahead to the days to come, we don’t know what they hold. Easy or hard, bright or dark, success or struggle, we know we are in the hands of God “who does all things well.” 

We know He is good, He will not do wrong in any of His dealings with us. He will move with perfect wisdom, at the right time, the right way. He makes no mistakes.

We will not see in full until the resurrection, then we will know the meaning of everything that happened. All of our unanswered questions will be as clear and plain as the noon day sun. We will remember all the ways He led us, and wonder how we could’ve ever doubted His love. Finally, as we stand in worship before the great Shepherd, we will confess “He does all things well.”



“Dear Lord, from where I sit today, things are not clear. There still many questions about why things have turned out the way they have, and why other things have not happened, but I feel the assurance of your presence, that you are doing all things well.”