Mark 7:33

The Lord’s Way



“And He took him aside . . .” Mark 7:33



Some of the Lord’s best work is done in private. Jesus never used miracles as a spectacle to draw great crowds. Before He ever touches the man, He takes him aside. Jesus knew full well that the crowd would hinder this man’s faith. And before He can do much for us, He has to take us aside. You must get alone with the Lord. 

There is danger in listening to others. Some have experienced great deliverance and we desire to have the same experiences the same way. Others have not seen great results and they have built their theology around disappointment which only serves to discourage others from trusting Jesus fully. The presence of Jesus is unhindered when we are face-to-face and away from the crowds. 

Jesus reaches the man’s spirit through his senses. Jesus places His fingers in his ears takes a little of His own saliva and touches the tongue of the deaf mute. And looking up to heaven, He sighed, praying “be opened” at once the request was granted and the cure worked. Speech and hearing were given to the man. 

If we read these verses only as an example of Jesus’ healing power, we only see half of the lesson. We must look deeper, below the surface. 

Here, we are meant to see Jesus waging war against the work of the enemy to obstruct kingdom work, manipulate crowds, choke faith, demonize people and, even keep little children in spiritual bondage. The enemy and his cosmic mafia unleashed a diabolical siege on God’s creation and His people. Jesus had come to set people free from spiritual bondage, to heal the spiritually deaf, and give all a hearing ear. He releases the tongue to tell of the gospel of the grace of God.

When Jesus pours out His Spirit, nothing is impossible. We must never give up on others, or believe that our hearts are too bad to change. The One who healed the deaf and dumb is still alive.



“Open my ears to hear you correctly, so I can speak your message clearly.”