Mark 7:26

Pray To Win



“. . . And she kept asking Him to cast the demon out of her daughter.” Mark 7:26



She had a daughter possessed by an evil spirit. She knew no teaching could reach the mind and no medicine could heal the body. So she prays. She orates for one who could not pray for herself and never quits until her prayer is answered. By prayer, she gains what no human means could obtain. Where there is a prayer, there is hope. 

These verses are meant to teach us to persevere in prayer. She prayed and did not give up; she would not take no for an answer. She pleaded for a few crumbs of mercy, rather than take none at all. 

Perseverance in prayer is the tipping point to a breakthrough. Often, we pray weak prayers; seeing no results, we become indifferent. Our minds are filled with reasons to give up, believing our prayers make no difference. So, we conclude it’s useless to pray, and give up on our request. We quit too soon.

In order to persevere in prayer, we must return to the example of this woman, who, in the face of all kinds of discouragement, did not faint in the face of disappointment. She pressed through and went home rejoicing. Jesus had answered her prayer. May we learn from her example, to stubbornly endure in the spirit of fervent prayer.

If you have prayers you’ve let go of, and ceased to pray, wake them up! Continue to pray, year after year, in spite of dismal hard times. Keep praying through the worst, the hardest, and the most unbearable situations. God’s mercy may seem far away. We may not live to see the answer to some of our prayers, they may come to the next generation, but while we live, let us pray and not quit.



“Spirit of the living God, awake my soul to pray again the things I thought were dead and gone, cause my heart to hope again in your mighty resources. Amen”