Mark 7:27

Have You Experienced the Rejection of Jesus?



“. . . it is not good to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.” Mark 7:27



It doesn’t matter that we don’t know her name, her background, or the events which led her to seek out Jesus. All of these things remain a mystery. 

There is a lesson here for every disciple to learn. The woman’s attitude, in the face of refusal, is the key to this passage. She comes empty-handed, she can make no claim.

She has no merit. She’s a Gentile, not a Jew, no standing. Yet, she doesn’t have an entitled attitude that exists among many today. She doesn’t ask for special treatment. On the other hand, she doesn’t disqualify herself from the power of Jesus by thinking she’s inferior. 

In the face of being culturally disregarded, and having lived without any hope of a cure for her daughter, she has managed not to let the circumstances make her bitter. She harbors no resentment against the Jews. She accepts her place and comes to Jesus as we all must – poor and needy and empty. The only ones who can’t experience God’s work are those who are full of themselves. Still there’s another rejection she must face – the rejection of Jesus.

Jesus is deliberately scandalous. He insults this woman by implying she’s a dog. At first, this is troublesome to the soul. Jesus is not the affable person we imagined Him to be. We are offended because we assume that Jesus is obligated to respond to every request. 

We must examine our heart as to how we would’ve responded. Our answer reveals much about us. We might say, “if that’s the way He feels, then I will never come to Him.” Our pride kicks in, and keeps us from the ministry of Jesus. 

The response of Jesus is discouraging. The scandal of Jesus’ rejection is here to emphasize that the scandal must be overcome before one can open the door for Jesus to help. Only when we are truly desperate and are willing to humble ourselves can we find God’s help.



If you have experienced the rejection of Jesus, don’t take offense. Instead, cast aside your pride, kneel before Him, it’s the only way you can get back on your feet.