Hebrews 4:15

Tempted, Tested, Tried, and True



“. . . tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin” Hebrews 4:15



Jesus did not play it safe. He experienced everything that a person can go through, except that He emerged from it all completely sinless. The fact that Jesus was without sin, meant that He knew the depths and the assault of temptation, which we can never know. His battle with temptation was, on a large scale, incredibly harder for one reason. 

When we face temptation we fall into it before the enemy can tempt us fully. We give in to temptation so easily. We never know the full extent of temptation, because we fall long before it escalates to that point. Only those who resist temptation know for sure how strong it is. We never know temptation at its fiercest, because at the first sign of temptation, we slip so quickly. The enemy never has to use his full strength on us for the reason that we are not prepared to stand strong and face the enemy’s attack.

But, Jesus was tempted far beyond what we are.  The adversary put everything he had into the assault.  Think of what Jesus faced in terms of pain.  There is a degree of pain which one can withstand, and when that threshold of pain is exceeded, a person loses consciousness and becomes numb to the pain.  We collapse and fall apart at the first sign of temptation, but Jesus went to our limit of pain, and far beyond, exceeding the pain limit, and still did not collapse. It is true to say He was tempted in all things as we are, but it’s true, as well, to say that no one was tempted as He was. He was tried, tested and true. This is good news for anyone who’s ever had their heart and flesh fail them.

It means God is able to help, He knows our problems because He has come through them. There is no part of life that He can’t say, “I’ve not been there.”  He has traveled the road you are on. No one is truer than He.



Because He knows our life, He gives us sympathy, mercy and power. Take a moment to sit quietly and receive His ministry.