Hebrews 4:14

Get Through It



“. . . who has passed through the heavens.” Hebrews 4:14



The task of Jesus as our great high priest is to bring God to man and to usher man into the presence of God.  Jesus perfectly knows both man and God, that is the exclamation of the Epistle of Hebrews.  This verse begins by stressing the pure greatness and absolute deity of Jesus.  He is great in His nature, not because of others bestowing titles upon Him, or by holding an external office, but by His own essential being. 

“He has passed through the heavens” can mean He passed through the atmospheric heaven, the one we can see when we look upward. He passed through every rain cloud and thunder storm of the human condition. He took on the tornadoes of our trials.  He passed through the stellar heaven, which exists between earth and the dwelling place of God, the one where angels battle it out over God’s creation, where God’s angels fight against hostile forces who seek to wreak havoc on all of God’s good work.  He passed through the third heaven, that is, the very presence of God. 

The writer of Hebrews stresses the greatness of Jesus.  The power of Jesus passing through the heavens is stunning.  He is not just an invisible, eerie figure of a body of a man floating about the clouds in His sheer glorified state. Heaven cannot hold Him.  Jesus is so great, so incredible, that Heaven is too small of place for Him.

“He passed through,” speaks of His ascension where He reclaimed the entire cosmos for the Father, where Satan is robbed of his chief weapon of condemnation.  The cross made the enemy and all his cohorts a public spectacle.  At His glorification, Christ Himself is exalted and enthroned at the right hand of God.

The next time you become caught up with the littleness of life, be it fear, or offense with others, or distaste of your circumstance, stop and think about all Jesus has passed through.  Because of all He passed through, you will get through what you are going through. 



Take a moment and express a prayer of your confidence in the Lord Jesus.