Mark 6:56

Are You Prayed Up?



“. . . as many as touched it will be healed.” Mark 6:56



Healing is easy. The crowd recognized Jesus and ran home to get their friends and families who were in great need of healing. Those who couldn’t make the journey on foot were carried long distances on pallets, just to have a chance to see their friends made whole.

It’s easy to believe Jesus can heal, because we recognize Him for who He is, the Savior. The more difficult part is bringing our friends to Jesus in prayer. We are called to carry others to the Lord in prayer. Why is this so difficult?

We are driven

We are busy people who like for things to happen quickly. Prayer is not quick and, without seeing immediate results, we lose interest. It’s difficult to keep praying because we are easily distracted. 

We are discouraged

Praying with motivation is hard enough, but praying in the face of full-on resistance is tough. When those around us refuse to be honest about their needs, it feels like an uphill battle, because it is. Facing verbal abuse and ridicule, all while interceding for others, can be discouraging.

We are discredited

It’s our lifestyle which undermines our prayers in the eyes of non-believers. If we are going to speak of the benefits of our faith in Jesus, we must live a life that speaks louder than words. James knew this truth well when He reminds His readers, “The effective prayer of a righteous man avails much.” James 5:16

Prayer requires we push through, stubborn circumstances, resistant people, unfruitful seasons, all the while remaining focused, courageous and consistent in our lifestyle. Let’s lift them up to Jesus and bring them to the Savior.



Make it a point to pray for others today. Don’t think about the results, just listen to their needs, pray with abandon and leave it in His hands.