Mark 6:48

Successful in the Struggle



“He saw them straining . . .” Mark 6:48



Life is hard, especially for the believer who daily faces the contrary winds of the world, the flesh, and the devil, all who mercilessly conspire to kill in us the faith, hope and freedom of His Spirit. 

Within our immediate world, we see others from the outside. We fail to notice the obstacles that one has to overcome. We may never know the contrary winds one has had to plough their way through. 

Much of our own life has been nothing more than troublesome rowing against forceful storms. We made it through, our little boat held tough in the storm. Yet, the questions looming over us are:  Was it worth it? Was it necessary? Is all of life supposed to be one great struggle with little headway?  

Again and again, the questions, like waves, crash up against our heart, telling us this is not the way life was meant to be. Life as God designed it, was to be full of abundant, overcoming life. When the disciples were rowing into the wind, they saw their Lord walking on the water; they received Him into the boat, the wind stopped, and they landed on the shore. They moved from storm to calm, as life was intended. 

Storms shape us. A mighty river may rush at the believer, yet, it will not disturb his peace. To receive Jesus into your boat means to share His purposes, and live in the center of what moves Him. 

After the disciples had seen the resurrected Jesus and received His Spirit, there followed years of persecution suffering and a martyr’s death. But, at the end of their journey, if the Lord had asked them, “Was it worth it?” They would have given a resounding “Yes!” Neither storm nor calm mattered. No disciple ever pays attention to the perils of the path. 

Until one has resisted these forces, they can never know the reason to fight or the rewards which come with it. It’s not the boat that matters, or the dings and the scares it has incurred along the way, or the insurmountable circumstances it has pushed through, but it’s the faith that survived. What is most important, is what kind of person was in the boat.



Are you fighting the good fight?