Mark 6:46

The Way Of Obey



“After bidding them farewell, . . .” Mark 6:46



After sending His disciples to go ahead of Him to Bethsaida, He then sent the crowd away. Though some of the crowd wanted to go after Him, as they had been doing, they dared not follow Him into the hills, for it was dark, they were in the midst of the wilderness, and they saw He was determined to be alone. 

Jesus is setting a standard for those who want to follow Him. There are times of darkness when He appears to be aloof, but He’s not. He will seem uninterested, but He’s not. He will appear uncaring, but He’s not. He will appear distant, but He’s not. Rather, He is acutely aware of all that’s going on with you, and knows it will bring about great growth in you.

All of God’s truth will remain in darkness until we obey. Philosophy, theology, better thinking and learning won’t get you up the mountain, only obedience will. Obedience unlocks the deep things He has to share.

The only way one can know God, is to stop trying to figure Him out, and be born again. Obedience is always the first thing that leads to the next thing. It will be impossible to grasp more of Him, until there is obedience in what we already know.

We are mistaken to think that following Him up the mountain will lead to personal success. Our success is never the focus, rather, personal obedience is. If, in the middle of distress and trouble, you remain confident and focused, then His purpose is being achieved in you.

Obedience operates in chaotic conditions. As you see Him walking on the sea in the darkness and believe that everything is going to be alright, then you are growing toward the truth that everything that is over your head, is under His feet.

Following Him into the darkness is not about gaining new and deep insight, it’s about unlearning, stripping away everything that complicates knowing Him, until all that is left is simple obedience to Jesus.



What is competing for your obedience to Jesus? Whatever it may be, move it out of the way so you can know more of Him.