Mark 6:55

Using God



“They ran all over the country side . . . wherever they knew He was.” Mark 6:55



It’s natural for us to come to Jesus for what we can get from Him. There are also many things that He alone can give. But, it’s shameful to take from Him, and give nothing. If we examine ourselves, we are all, to some extent, guilty of using Jesus for what He can do for us. How it would bring joy to the heart of Jesus, if we came to Him to offer our love, our service, our devotion. Such a shift of focus would change the way we live. Our life would become an offering. 

Our home, often is regarded as a place only for personal comfort and convenience to eat and sleep. But, shouldn’t it be offered as an outpost of ministry, for discipleship or for the shelter and care of others, or hospitality of a house church?

Our friends, instead of thinking of friends as people who exist to help us only when and where there are needs, only to be forgotten when they are no longer of use, what if we were to offer our friendship, as Jesus did, to others to make the needs of others, our needs?

Our church, there is an unconscious attitude among some that the church exists to serve only their needs, to baptize their children, marry their kids, or bury their dead. The church has certain tasks given by Jesus to carry out – to love others, the church is the heartbeat of God in the city; to meet needs, we are the hands of Jesus reaching into the broken lives; to speak, to tell the story of Jesus to others.

Our God, if the only prayers offered to God are requests or demands as though He is only there to serve us, we are in danger of becoming Christian consumers. What if we were to make our life an offering, for no other reason than to love Him?



Look at your calendar for today hold it in the palms of your hands and pray a prayer of offering to prioritize Him in all your plans today.