Mark 6:46

Prayerfully Aware



“ . . . He departed to the mountain to pray.”  Mark 6:46



Jesus needed to pray. The feeding of the five thousand was a great miracle. It was also a time of great crisis; the pressure of the crowd to make Him a nationalistic ruler, the fear of the king losing his power, and the menacing hostility of the religious rulers, along with His concern His disciples would be caught up in these peripheral issues. Jesus’ heart was burdened, He went to be alone to pray. It was vital to His ministry. We need prayer too.

Prayer is progressive, soul-shaping dialogue with God. Every prayer reinforces the truths that we are “under” God, “with” God, “in” God, and “for” God.

“We are under God.” When we pray we are positioning ourselves before God, knowing who He is and who we are in Him. A few moments in prayer has the power to shape our disposition for the tasks ahead.

“We are with God.” From Genesis to Revelation, in word or deed, knowing God is with us, appears on almost every page of scripture. It was Jesus’ words of comfort to His disciples. It’s His assurance to every individual, to every generation. God is closer than close, He invites us to confide in Him, as we do we know He is with us.  

“We are in God.” Sometimes we pray as if God is far away, so we send up a prayer flare in hopes God will see. There is no chasm between us and God. We are in God, and God, through His spirit, is in us. Being in God means prayers don’t need to be sent to God. The power of God is at hand in every circumstance.

“We are for God.” Prayer is the disciple’s supply line for strength, wisdom, and direction for doing His will. Through prayer, our identity of being His servants is formed. We find the balance of being in the world, and not of the world. Daily being before God shapes us and transforms us.



Begin your prayer today, first, by positioning your body, bow your head, close your eyes, wait patiently and quietly to sense the closeness of His presence, then let these four aspects of being with God in prayer become real to your heart and spirit. Now use words.