Mark 6:43

Brilliant Baskets



“. . . twelve baskets full of broken pieces, . . .” Mark 6:43



Have you learned from your past? Jesus took the loaves and fishes, blessed, broke, and gave them to His disciples to put them in the hands of the people. At the conclusion, the miracle was not that 5000 were fed, the closing verses of the event tells us that “twelve baskets of broken pieces” were picked up. 

The real lesson is in the leftovers, it’s the things we learn from what we’ve been through. Twelve baskets full of broken pieces would have never been picked up, if the little had not been multiplied. Having little to give Jesus is no reason to feel hopeless, helpless or, as the disciples felt, pessimistic. 

When all the disciples combined their money, they had a day’s wages to purchase food. What they really were saying, “anything we’ve got is of no use at all, so why try at all?” They never dreamed what was possible with Jesus in their midst. Jesus took a little and worked wonders with it. In the hands of Jesus, little is always much. 

From the beginning, He created all things out of nothing. It was He who spread a table in the desert by sending down manna out of heaven. 

The final proof of the miracle was in the twelve baskets, one for each disciple. The leftovers could not be preserved for later, yet Jesus tells them to take the baskets with them. There had to be a reason.

We carry within us weak hearts; at any moment, we are prone to wander from Him. There is an enemy who seeks to daily draw us into temptation. What keeps faith alive and preserves it in times of weakness, is to look at what’s in your basket.  

In your basket are all the times prayers were answered, every time when God made a way out of no way, all the trials and tears He pulled you through. When the storm grows strong, look at what’s in your basket and remember His faithfulness.



What’s in your basket?