Mark 6:41

In His Hands



“. . . He blessed the food and broke the loaves . . .” Mark 6:41



Faith has to be awakened. It was a work of compassion, it was a miracle of power, but it was also a message of great importance. It’s a word meant to stir up radical trust inside of every believer. 

Most of Jesus’ miracles occurred in a vacuum, in houses, on house tops, by the side of the road – always with one or two people. Here, Jesus stands in front of a total of 15,000 people gathered to hear Him. He spoke so powerfully, the people were so engrossed, they stayed all day; the hours went by, it was now evening. 

The disciples spoke to Jesus, “Master, you went long, the people are hungry.” Jesus said, “What do you have?” So, Jesus begins the process of making much out of a little.

First, we have to BRING to him our weakness, insufficiency, confidences, our undeveloped capacities, along with all the fragments of our life, and place them unreservedly in His hands. We are never asked to do or be what we are not, but only to give Him what we have. Miracles always begin with the recognition that what we have is not enough, but it’s all we have.

Then, Jesus BLESSES what we give Him. In this case, it was five cheap rolls and two fish, the size of sardines. Jesus lifts the little offering heavenward, and gives thanks. Until we can be thankful for something that’s not enough, then it can’t be multiplied into what is more than enough. From the beginning, this has been His way of working. Give Him dust, and He will breathe His own likeness into it until it becomes a soul. Give Him obedient trust that it may wash in the pools of Siloam, until blind eyes see.

The next step in Jesus’ process, He BREAKS it. In the blessing, the exact amount of loaves and fish are recorded, here, we lose count. The more He breaks it, the more it multiplies, because, the blessing is in the brokenness. That which refuses to be broken in us, cannot be blessed. We each have to be broken from our image of our self, our will, our fierce autonomy, until we are completely identified with Him. Until we can say it’s no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. God only uses broken people. 

Finally, Jesus BESTOWS. He doesn’t feed the people directly, He places the bread in the hands of the disciples. We have to be willing to be disciples who are given to the world through our brokenness. God only uses broken people. Have you ever dreamed such a thing was possible?



Every time He was breaking you, He was blessing you. Will you thank Him for every breaking; the rejection, betrayal, alienation, the broken heart, home, hopes and dreams?