Mark 6:37

No, You Do It!



". . . You give them something to eat! . . ." Mark 6:37



Hey, Jesus, why don't you do something about this? Jesus answers sharply, “No, you do it!” If we are followers of Christ, who had perfect passion for helping, healing and saving, we should do it. The Savior’s compassion should be in us as well. There was nothing that people suffered that Jesus didn't fully identify with. He understood physical want and great need. He cared for the spiritual condition, but also for their external circumstances. He came to preach good news and deliver people from captivity.

It was Jesus who raised the awareness of others to the need of the world. He revealed the heart of the Father towards man’s broken condition. Until Christ came, the love of man was no more than a theory. It was Jesus who changed love into an actual force in the world. Through His life and ministry, He showed us that His mercy endures forever. 

To reduce Christianity to a program of reform, is to miss the very heart of what it means to be a disciple. In every country there is poverty, disease and lack. If we are to be like Christ, we are to have compassion on the wounds others suffer. Jesus was stirred by something deeper than just physical need. 

What stirred Christ’s compassion, was the havoc sin had brought on people. Society has become so sensitive to poverty and pain, and insensitive to sin. We are more affected by sickness of the body, than we are the soul. We are calloused and unconcerned, because we don't see what He saw. If we did, we would share in His work, and be willing to serve in order to save them.  



Ask the Lord to give you a heart of compassion. Think about the eternal consequences of your acts of service.