Mark 6:34

Is Your "Give A Damn" Broken?



". . . He felt compassion . . ." Mark 6:34



Life to Jesus was so wonderful, so deep, so full of divine meaning and the love of the Father so close at hand, the earth crammed with heaven, that He felt for those who did not see it. Jesus looked on the crowd, not with indifference, contempt, or curiosity, but compassion. 

For Jesus, the crowd was not a mass of indistinguishable people. He saw every man, every woman, and every child. He not only saw, He perceived. There are no strangers to the heart of God, no outcasts from His grace.

Shouldn't anyone standing there next to Him see the same thing? The twelve were with him, yet, not one of them was moved with compassion; they saw heads and faces and bodies. They saw numbers gathered around Jesus. They were elated at the multitudes, they saw the crowd as new recruits for their Master’s cause. A growing army was what they saw, and they rejoiced, but there was no compassion.

Every day in office buildings, homes and streets, there are people with troubles, sorrows, shame, sin, some facing loss of a job, or a loved one. In the cars next to us are others who are estranged from family members, who feel lost in a crowded city. There are those who struggle to make ends meet. Those who fight personal addictions, who feel a tinge of hope there really is something more.  They stretch upwards to God, longing for a little light in their darkened situation. Some are so overwhelmed, they've given in to coping with chemicals and cocktails.

And we could care less. We don't give a damn. We think about ourselves, getting to work on time, why the traffic is so bad. We will spend the rest of the week thinking of ourselves, the bills, the groceries, the gym. As His disciples, we are carrying the most valuable resource on the planet, the life of Jesus. What will it take for us to care about the soul of another?



This week practice giving a damn about others around you. Show compassion to someone this week.